About me

About me

I am Sky Boss, horny and 31, a real sexplorer. I'm a writer and entrepreneur, masseur and general hippie. In 2015 I left behind the mundane existence of working to save for a pension and a mortgage that I will not live long enough to enjoy and decided to pursue my own happiness, right here, right now. I quit working for a big company, leaving the stable salary behind me I've spent the last two years learning about what makes me happy.

As much as I enjoy helping you get off, writing steaming hot erotica is about more than that. Whether you're looking for pure filth or deep erotic fantasy, these stories will help shine a light on your inner most desires and dreams. It's about taking you to that erotic space where you can find real freedom as a gay man.

Even after 'gay liberation' we as gay men can still get trapped in the societal straitjacket. Life is about more than working day in, day out to pay for a house that we're never in because we're too busy making the money to pay for it. Life isn't meant to be endured until we get our pensions. Society wants to trap our true nature because society is terrified of our fabulousness! 

I'm a queer mix of esoteric dilly dallying and slick witted business calculating. I write for my own pleasure and to share the little bits I've learned. I want to share the love - in every possible way!

As I grow in confidence and income from this whole Sky Boss venture I would love to start sharing my own pics of my own sordid adventures on here. In the meantime, daddy, wherever you may be, feel free to pay for me to visit you in the Caribbean.


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